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Permits & Approvals

Site Execution

Project Close

We have lots of desires in respect of the place which is called as dream home, we want to give a look to our house which please to eyes, give energetic wives and the place bound us with their attraction but that’s really tough to get in this fast moving life.

Royal Touch Interiors Pvt. Ltd. committed toserve your dream into realty and also provide hassle free service and a disciplined work of art., whether you have been through the process before or not, you’ll find the professional process followed by Royal Touch Interiors Pvt. Ltd.

We use a five phase process to ensure a smooth path from concept to design and from blue prints to ready to move in.


Phase I: Pre-Design

  1. 1 . Site inspection with client and understanding their requirements.
  2. Taking feedback about material requirements.
  3. 3.Summaries the list of work requirement.
  4. 4.Serving a rough (for an idea) estimate subject to client’s requirement.

Phase II: Design

Selection of team like Interior Designer, Architect, Site Engineer and Supervisor.

Schematic interior design and space planning review

interior design and space planning development review

3D view subject to design and space planning

Item selection subject to design

Budget analysis and consultation

Material selection subject to design

Budget analysis and consultation

Final 3D view

Completion of all design and views

Owner signs off on approved drawings with BOQ, Payment Plan and Agreement.

Phase III: Permits & Approvals

Approvals required from competent authority in case of any structural alteration.

Phase IV: Site Execution

Scheduling as per list of work and design.

Deputing man power subject to execution schedule.

Collect, review and process all payment requests.

Schedule/manage project execution meetings (daily or as needed)

Hold regular meetings with owner to review site progress

Phase V: Project Close

Confirm punch list with owner

Create process and time schedule to complete all tasks – report when completed

Deliver all product/materials warranty information for owner file

Hand over the keys.